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Custom Planters

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Receive a beautifully designed outdoor seasonal planter, delivered to your door. Purchase one time or sign up for a seasonal subscription. We’ll take the old insert away and replace it with a fresh one for every season. You decide how often we deliver.

Contact us to request your custom planter.

Want to receive beautiful seasonal planters?

How Planter Subscriptions Work

You Decide…

  1. How often?
    • Sign up for the seasons you’d like a new planter insert. Choose spring, summer, fall, winter, or all of them.
  2. How many?
    • Determine if you would like 1, 2, or more.
  3. What Size?
    • Size options can be customized. For example; 2 large only, or 1 medium 1 small, etc.
  4. Location/Colour?
    • Specify location of sun or shade.
    • Choose whether you would like the light, bright, or twilight palette.
  5. Container?
    • We offer a designer selection of containers to fit all of our planter inserts. Skip this step if you already have a container or do not wish to enhance your insert with a beautiful vessel.
  6. Delivery Date?
    • Planters are delivered within the first two weeks of the Season.
      • Spring- April 1-14
      • Summer- June 1-14
      • Fall- Sept 1-14
      • Winter- December 1-14

Delivery available for Brantford, Hamilton, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas.

Planter Schedule

Spring: April-May

Summer: June-August

Fall: September -November

Winter: December- March

Please Note: Planters are delivered in black insert pots only and are made to sit in the container of your choosing. Please take a look at the container options provided in our store to complete your beautiful planter look. Inserts are limited in size, please consider this if you already have your own container.

Hanging Baskets

Available for a limited time only.

Shade loving Fuchsia Planter

On sale yearly from April – June. Add this option to your subscription to have a beautiful hanging basket accompany your spring or summer planter delivery.

Hanging Basket Options

Sun Bather


Packed with sun loving plants that will do well in 6 or more hours of sunlight. Gorgeous grasses, zinnias, geraniums, and much more.

Shade Lover


Shade loving plants that will add colour and life to those shady spots of our homes. Porches, and shady areas are perfectly suited for begonias, fuchsia, impatiens, and lovely foliage plants.

Preorders begin March 1st

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